that whole fb thing; again,

In conversation with a friend on the subject of Facebook, I’m bewildered and reminded of the weirdness and general lack of good sense across the whole crazy range of social interaction. I keep forgetting how screwed up people are.

He avoids FB because of the drama, people getting jealous and insecure over the interactions of their friends and partners, using it as a forum to air their bullshit, creeping people’s pages and letting what they find there create friction and fuel for their real life soap operas.

Oh. Yeah. People are like that, hunh?

It makes me sad.

Dude. If you’re feeling insecure because you have low self esteem, get off of FB and do something that makes you feel good about yourself. No, I mean good for real, not the fake, temporary high that you feel when some random stranger clicks ‘like’ on the stupid cat picture you just posted. Don’t come back until you have something real to share. Or a sexy picture of David Tennant. Sexy pictures of David Tennant are always appropriate. Also Felicia Day. Yes. ummmmmmm … what was I saying?

oh, right …

And if you’re feeling insecure because your partner really isn’t treating you with love and respect, stop fighting about it, stop trying to change them, and get out of the relationship. Torturing yourself with FB drama, and creeping their pages looking for things to be miserable about is not going to improve anything. Ever. Grow up and move on to people and places that feed your spirit, instead of pushing it down.

I have never understood the concept of using social media to stalk people. We are on here to share things, right? My friends list represents my community; without exception they are people I would hug if I ran into them on the street. I mean, unless they’re not the huggy type, in which case a smile will do. Boundaries, y’know?

The point is, FB allows me to make my world a little smaller and run into people in my newsfeed I might not have a chance to run into in the neighbourhood, and I love that. I share things that reflect my whole, joyful, messy, abundantly hopeful and radiant world, because I want the people who stumble across my posts to feel a little bit lighter. Because if I put you on my friends list, you matter to me, and I’d rather bring you up than weigh you down with bitchiness and misery.

But I’d no more go to people’s pages and keep score on their activities than I would hide in the bushes outside of their houses, watching to see what they get up to. Because that’s crazy. Seriously, boys and girls. Could we maybe try to find some balance?

One thought on “that whole fb thing; again,

  1. Here, Here! FB is my way to communicate with my community and friends that I may not see as often as I would like to in our busy lives. Yes, they are people that I would totally hug, if appropriate to them, if we saw each other on the street. You, my dear, are included in that community. :) People need to get their own lives instead of increasing the drama and living vicariously through others… goodness knows the rest of us are far too busy for the drama! Hugs, loves and big squeeze until we see each other next.

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