a post full of attitude. and cookies.

I am in a mood. A good mood, but a dangerous one.

One of those I know what I want now watch me go and get it sort of moods.

A loud music (never mind it’s 80s pop, it’s still badass), new tattoos, kickass boots, sexy corset, straight As in all my classes sort of mood.

I am cookies in the oven, bread on a cooling rack, dishwasher running, on top of all my assignments, happy.

And, here’s the part that really comes out of The Big Book of Plot Twists I Didn’t See Coming:

In the two weeks since my return from Dublin (has it only been two weeks?!), sifting through my thoughts and feelings on The Great Romantic Fairy Tale, I have come to some unexpected conclusions …

There might be room in my world for a real, full time partner some day.

And there might even be someone out there who is strong enough to catch me and keep up with me, steady enough to share a life with me, and creative enough to build a home with me. Who actually wants to do all those things. A compatible someone who adores me completely and appreciates and accepts my accompanying madness.

I mean, I’m not banking on it or anything, but, it could happen, I guess. I’m willing to entertain the possibility.

Or not. Whatever.

Never mind. I said nothing.