quiet little dreams

Six thousand things to do today and none of them include digging into the coursework I am itching to explore, or trying out the new recipes calling to me from the cookbook I brought home from Dublin. Real life and overdue library books are interfering with my academics and baking.

Also, I am missing That Person I Left Behind In Dublin. (shhhhh, no one tell him that!) In the current version of my Perfect Dream Life (fantasies subject to change without notice), I would wake up and study all morning while he sleeps (because he works nights). Then I would head off to my job at the bookstore, leaving a treat of fresh baked something or other for when he wakes. By the time I get home, he is gone off to his own job and I get to spend a happy evening to myself, playing in the kitchen, doing homework, and listening to All of That Music No One Wants To Hear Aside From Me. At top volume. While singing off key. He would come home to a pot of homemade soup on the stove and me asleep in bed, and I would wake up to …

never mind.

(Disclaimer to Satisfy My Practical Side: I am well aware that what I am missing is the idea of a man I didn’t have a lot of time to get to know. Thank you.)

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